Rishikesh Sightseeing

Rishikesh is a small town and a municipal board in Dehradun district in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. Scenically located where the Holy Ganges River comes down from the Himalayas. Rishikesh, also spelled Hrishikesh, Rushikesh or Hrushikesh.
Rishikesh catapulted to Western fame when the Beatles dropped by for a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Ashram. Rishikesh is associated with Lord Rama and Laxman.
The town of Rishikesh lies in the foothills of the Himalayas of the Garhwal region. It is the gateway to the upper Garhwal region and the starting point for the Char Dham pilgrimage (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath) and an ideal destination not only for pilgrims but also for the people who are interested in adventure, medtation, yoga and other aspects of Hinduism.
Rishikesh is also a Gateway to the World Heritage Site Valley of Flowers National Park - The 8th Wonder of the World
Rishikesh, also known as the “Place of Sagas” is a spiritual town situated 24 kms upstream from Haridwar, at the confluence of the Chandrabhaga and Ganga and surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides. The whole place is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to attainment of salvation. There are many temples-some ancient, some new along the river Ganges. The River side is dotted by the ashrams of Sadhus and Sages. Rishikesh represents the site where Vishnu vanquished the demon Madhu.

Triveni Ghat

Triveni Ghat is greatest washing ghat in Rishikesh. Arranged close to the fundamental market this ghat has a hypnotizing perspective of mountain and waterway. It is trusted this is gathering of three waterways Ganges, Yamuna and incredible Saraswati giving the ghat its name. Because of the conjunction this ghat is extraordinary place to clean up. Ghat is a structure of steps where individuals can get to waterway for sacred shower. Regular Ganges service (Ganga Aarti) is sorted out at the ghat at night. (5 PM in winter and 6 PM in summers) This is a wonderful place to sit appropriate on the bank of the stream and view the mountains and waterway while getting a charge out of cool stream breeze. Triveni Ghat is arranged only 100 meter a long way from the principle advertise. Little Shani Mandir is additionally situated close Triveni Ghat. Triveni Ghat should be an extremely sacrosanct place where "Pind Shradha " is performed to offer peace to the souls of our predecessors. There are loads of sanctuaries are situated around this holy ghat.

Laxman Jhula

Enormous iron suspension connect on the stream Ganges which is 4.5 kms outside of Rishikesh. It is trusted that Lakshmana (Brother of ruler Ram) crossed the waterway here by jute rope. The present scaffold was worked in 1929 in when the old extension (1989 manufactured) was harmed in the surge of October 1924. Rai Bahadur Surajmal Jhunjhunwala, the father of Rai Bahdur Sherprasad Tulsan talented this scaffold to the city. The length of this suspension connect is around 240 meters. Laskman Jhula is mainstream among sightseers for shopping and different exercises, for example, boating. There are numerous shops offering fascinating things on both side of the extension. Lakshman Jhula is an exceptionally renowned and famous point of interest in the city. Lakshman sanctuary and Terah Manzil Temple known as Trayambakeshwar Temple too are likewise arranged here. From the scaffold you can have marvelous perspective of stream and the city. Lakshman Jhula is a passerby connect however it is additionally utilized for bicycles and other bikes.

Ram Jhula

A Suspension bridge similar to the Lakshman Jhula between Sivananda Ashram and Swarg Ashram is known as Ram Jhula or Sivananda Jhula. Ram Jhula was constructed in 1980 by Public Works Department with the help of Sivananda Ashram. The span of this suspension bridge is almost 450 feet. Being famous as a yoga ashram, Sivananda Ashram is considered to be one of the most popular ashrams in Rishikesh. Boat is also available here on sharing basis to cross the river. This suspension bridge connects Muni-Ki-Reti to Swarga Ashram. Many shops are available on the both side of bridge for shopping. Precious and semi-precious gems and stones, clothes, worship material, spiritual music CD’s can be purchased from these markets. Sivananda Ashram, Yog Niketan Ashram and Omkarnanda Ashram are located at one end of the bridge and the other end has Swarg Ashram, Gita Bhawan and Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Ram Jhula is a pedestrian bridge but it is also used for two wheelers.

Parmarth Niketan

Parmarth Niketan Ashram is located in the Swarg Ashram area. The Ashram has more than 1000 rooms for devotees as well as tourists with a blend of all modern facilities and traditional simplicity with spirituality. The ashram is situated very near to the Ganges and they have their own private ghat on the bank of Ganges where devotees can go by walk and take a holy dip in the clear and bleak water of the river. Ashram has many religious statues inside. Parmarth Niketan is also the host for the International Yoga Festival every year. Ashram is popular among the tourist for Yoga. Every day Ganga Aarti ceremony is organized at the Ghat of the Ashram in Evening. (5 PM in winter and 6 PM in summer. The aarti is visited by the hundreds of devotees and tourists. Lots of daily activities are performed in the ashram such as morning prayers, yoga & meditation classes, lectures and sat sang programs, bhajan and kirtan, ayurvedic treatment and natural cure of the diseases.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple Rishikesh, touring in Rishikesh, Rishikesh touring This sanctuary is arranged at a height of 1325 meters above ocean level and at a separation of 31 kms outside Rishikesh. Neelkant Mahadev is Temple committed to Lord Shiva who is arranged in this sanctuary as a Shivlinga. This sanctuary should be a standout amongst the most imperative and well known sanctuaries of the Rishikesh. Hindu folklore is related to the historical backdrop of this sanctuary from multiple points of view. As per legends Lord Shiva came here for reflection when he expended harm amid the ocean stirring by Gods and Demons to get Amrita. Be that as it may, harm turned out from the ocean rather than Amrita. In this manner, Lord Shiva's expended that toxic substance to spare the humanity from the toxic substance and his throat ended up blue hued because of the toxin so he is known as a NeelKanth (Blue throated) here. A great many travelers visit this sanctuary amid Shivratri and Kanwar Mela. Sanctuary is likewise available by trekking course and by street from Swarg Ashram. Sanctuary Timings: 05 AM to 01 PM and 04 PM to 09 PM.

Tera Manzil Temple

Tera Manzil Temple Rishikesh, sightseeing in rishikesh, rishikesh sightseeing Tera Manzil Temple has 13 floors. Each floor has many small temples with different deities. Tera Manzil temple is not dedicated to any single deity unlike other temples. This temple is located near the Lakshman Jhula. The view from the top of the temple is amazing. Temple is also known as Trayambakeshwar Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple or Kailashanand Mission Trust. The temple is famous for its huge attractive architecture. It can is a short walk away from Lakshman Jhula. The top floor of the temple offers panoramic view of sunset over the mountains surrounding Rishikesh. Tera Manzil Temple attracts a large number of tourists especially during Sawan and Mahashivratri festival.